About “The Dixie Cup” RV

1997 Newmar Dutch Star 3658

“The Dixie Cup” is a 1997 Newmar Dutch Star 3658. “The Cup” is outfitted in off-white, berry red and teal (a lot of teal!) with a touch of gold trim. The Dixie Cup owes her name to Macayla, the second daughter; the Cup’s colors reminded her of the Dixie cups that she used as a small child every night before bedtime. And the fact that The Dixie Cup is based in the mountains of north Georgia.

We first noticed The Cup on a visit to a friend’s house in September, 2019. At the time that we drove her home on March 28, 2020, twenty three-year-old “Cup” had only 17,215.9 miles on the odometer.

The purchase price was $14,000.

The Dixie Cup Today