The Expense Log

The Expense Log

This page used to show a running total of how much we’ve spent on The Dixie Cup, and on what. We stopped keeping a running tally after $10K… in the first year…. it was just too painful.

Instead, we’ll just list the major expenses and you can do the math.

The Biggies

A really nice FlexArmor roof installed and maintained by RV Roof Atlanta. One of the best “investments” that we have made in The Cup. – About $6,500

A super-fancy solar power system with 10 panels on the roof and a ton of complicated-looking boxes and wires under the bed. Installed by Cross Country RV Tech and Solar. So here’s the logic… we put a bunch of solar panels on top to protect our investment in the roof. Right? – Just under $15,000

A new transmission (remanufactured, actually) from Jasper Engines & Transmissions (via Randy’s Auto Center). Installed by MTR Fleet Services / FleetPride. – $6,500

Blue Ox Alpha 2 Tow BarAfter trying a tow dolly for a few trips, we quickly learned that crawling around on the ground to hook up safety chains and straps wasn’t for us. We found Tom at RV Camp Champ who helped us select the right flat tow solution for our 2015 Jeep Patriot. Blue Ox Alpha 6,500-lb. tow bar, baseplate, Patriot 3 Brake, all accessories. – Just under $3,000

Oh yeah…. the Jeep. A 2015 Patriot, manual transmission with 105,000 miles. Flat towable so I don’t have to crawl around on the ground. (The Jeep is not for sale.) – About $8,000

BF Goodrich Commercial T/A tires (times 8). Installed by University Tire in Loganville, GA. – $1,800

New floor, sofa, small workstation circa July 2020Laguna Acacia laminate flooring (Lowe’s), supplies, nail gun, edging and trim molding, hardware, carpet and carpet stuff, etc.  – $1,500 and lots of blood, sweat, and tears

Reseat the windshields with new gaskets, etc. Wise RV Glass, Cumming GA – $1,375 (The passenger side windshield has now been replaced after a rock strike.)

Two SoftStartRV SSRV3T AC start units. Found on Amazon. – $650

IKEA sleeper sofa. – $550