How We Do Stuff

Below, you’ll find the various products, services, subscriptions and other resources that we use on a regular basis. (For now, none of these links are affiliate links but that could change…)

(Reviewed and updated 07/03/2020)

RV Navigation

Google Maps (app): You just can’t beat “Maps” for navigation on a smartphone. There are no “bugs” or usability issues and updates to traffic conditions are fast. The only downside is that the directions are not necessarily “RV friendly.”

RV Trip Wizard (online, app): We use RV Trip Wizard for trip planning, but now their app provides “RV friendly” navigation. We haven’t used it much yet, but have already noticed a couple of downsides. First, the app won’t rotate to “landscape” view and it hasn’t been compatible with the tablets that we have tried (for the larger screen). The navigation feature is new, so these issues will likely be resolved as the app matures.