Grill and Vent Replacement

I spent this afternoon replacing the range hood vent and the refrigerator access grill on the land-based Starship, The Dixie Cup. The hood vent was brittle and had fallen victim to the RV detailer’s brush in Las Vegas. The fridge grille was still in good shape, but yellowed and ugly. 

The project required three leisurely hours and cost about $100 in total. The range hood vent ($19) was an exact replacement. The access grille ($52) was a replacement part from the OEM, Dometic, but fit the original hole perfectly. I had to drill 16 new screw holes.

Parts came from:

  • Newmar RV Dometic Refrigerator Side Vent White 033494 – Integrity RV Parts
  • Ventline Exterior Wall Vent for RV Range Hood, Locking Damper 1-3/4″ Collar, White –