The Coolest Thing You’ll See Today Two Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) and a Skylift crane were moved from the SpaceX build facility to the launch facility last night. The SPMTs will slide under the transport stand on which S26 currently sits and, later this evening (scheduled 7pm-9pm CST), will move S26 back to the build site.

Grill and Vent Replacement

I spent this afternoon replacing the range hood vent and the refrigerator access grill on the land-based Starship, The Dixie Cup. The hood vent was brittle and had fallen victim to the RV detailer’s brush in Las Vegas. The fridge grille was still in good shape, but yellowed and ugly.  The project required three leisurely …

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Day 1 at Starbase – 02/22

After work, I was able to get in a quick, first trip to the Starbase development and launch facilities. It is amazing how close you can get to the action! View pics from today here:

Starbase 360

Starbase watcher Jessica Kirsh (@jessica_kirsh) has published a great 360 view of some of the public areas of the Starbase development site including the “Rocket Garden,” where you can see several Starships and boosters from less than 30 feet away! To watch, left-click/hold and drag the video image to the left or right; up or down. …

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The Great Fuel Filter Folly

When you buy a used RV, you’re buying all of the dings and dents of the previous owner(s). Sometimes, you buy the reason that the previous owner decided to unload it. And if you’re really lucky, you become the proud owner of a repair or service gone wrong. A simple replacement of The Cup’s fuel filter …

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Boca Chica Itinerary

The plan is to travel to Boca Chica from Dawsonville, GA in the most economical way possible. That involves finding free overnight parking along the way, which is actually pretty easy. The solar power system will allow me to “boondock” (camping without any hookups) and yet still enjoy all of the benefits of full hookups. …

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Day 4: The Gateway Arch & Meramec Caverns

We started the morning with a trip to the top of the Gateway Arch.  We entered through the visitor center which is underground. A tramway takes you to the top; it’s a four-minute ride up and a three-minute ride down, although it seemed much quicker. The “tramway” is actually a train of five-passenger pods. Each pod …

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Day 3: Arriving in St. Louis

After an uneventful drive from Nashville to St Louis, we set up in the DraftKings Casino RV Park. It’s nothing special; basically a large parking lot with hookups. We ate dinner in the casino, then lost $7 on the slots. Took us about three minutes to decide that gambling wasn’t our thing. Check this link …

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