The Coolest Thing You’ll See Today Two Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) and a Skylift crane were moved from the SpaceX build facility to the launch facility last night. The SPMTs will slide under the transport stand on which S26 currently sits and, later this evening (scheduled 7pm-9pm CST), will move S26 back to the build site.

Day 1 at Starbase – 02/22

After work, I was able to get in a quick, first trip to the Starbase development and launch facilities. It is amazing how close you can get to the action! View pics from today here:

Starbase 360

Starbase watcher Jessica Kirsh (@jessica_kirsh) has published a great 360 view of some of the public areas of the Starbase development site including the “Rocket Garden,” where you can see several Starships and boosters from less than 30 feet away! To watch, left-click/hold and drag the video image to the left or right; up or down. …

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Boca Chica Itinerary

The plan is to travel to Boca Chica from Dawsonville, GA in the most economical way possible. That involves finding free overnight parking along the way, which is actually pretty easy. The solar power system will allow me to “boondock” (camping without any hookups) and yet still enjoy all of the benefits of full hookups. …

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